Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

A The cost of the guarantee is charged as a % of the value of your lease. You can use our quick calculator to establish the exact cost you will pay prior to applying.

Do I need to get my parents to guarantee me as well?

A No. If your application is approved, we will act as your guarantor and your landlord won’t need anything further.

What if my landlord won’t accept my guarantee certificate?

A You should check before purchasing your guarantee that your landlord is happy with the arrangement. You can refer them to the landlord area of the website if they have any queries. As part of the application process your landlord will need to approve your application.

Are there any other costs involved ?

A No, we charge a one off fee for the guarantee

Can I apply if I am sharing a house?

A Yes, we can act as a guarantor for your portion of the rent due.

What happens if I can’t pay my rent?

A If you are having any problems paying your rent you should contact your landlord & YourGuarantor as soon as possible